Without dreams,visions,ideas,our people perish is what we heard loud and clear. A lot of people in this world believe they have no purpose or always ask the famous question "why am I here on earth?" Or "why am I alive?" Believing that they themselves are not loved to a certain degree, have no value in life, no purpose basically other than to survive, live life, and die! That is not the case nor the deal, entangled entertainment is an entity where we let people know they have value,purpose,and most of all,a gift with inside of them that they have the capability to release from inside out threw there birthrights which is confidence,courage,hope,belief,faith,and trusting in god as the source of there hope. Our vision is to consistently and abundantly manifest the kingdom of God threw out the world threw tv and film for Gods kingdom. We want to make movies that change lifestyles,renew hearts, and minds of our youth so they cannot only fulfill there dreams,but at same time see there dreams become a reality. Once people are attracted to the truth seeing not only the financial success,but yet more importantly the success of there emotions and actions, we can give the glory to God because only threw Jesus Christ we achieve true victory here on earth and after. Any movie can entertain, what will make our movies different is that together we will change hearts, lifestyles,ways of thinking,bad habits into good habits,and at same time entangle others into the kingdom of god threw entertainment giving all the glory to our true creator jesus christ!! Entangled entertainment!
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